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Teradek Cube 655/455 SD-SDI/HDMI Encoder, HDMI Decoder Pair

VG # TERTD100640
MFR # TD-10-0640
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Main Features

  • Real-Time H.264 Encoder and Transmitter
  • HDMI and 3G-SDI Encoder Inputs
  • 1 x Standard HDMI Decoder Output Port
  • Ethernet, Wireless, and USB Interfaces
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What's in the Box

Teradek Cube 655/455 SD-SDI/HDMI Encoder, HDMI Decoder Pair
  • Teradek Cubelet 655 HD-SDI/HDMI Encoder
  • Cubelet 455 HDMI Decoder
  • 2-Pin Lemo to 18W AC Power Adapter
  • 2x Ethernet Cable
  • 2x USB Stick with TeraCentral Desktop Software
  • 10" SDI Cable (BNC to BNC)
  • 36" HDMI Cable (Full Type A to Full Type A)
  • 4x Wireless Antennas (2dBi 2.4/5.8 Ghazi)
  • 18" HDMI Micro to Full-Size Cable (Male Type C to Male Type A)
  • 2x Hot Shoe Adapter with Thumbscrew
  • Teradek 1 Year Warranty

Cube 655 Encoder 

Designed for Professionals 
Cube is manufactured in the USA and features 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs along with a new, high-powered 802.11AC Wi-Fi adapter. Cube's rugged aluminum chassis and professional locking 2-Pin Connector ensure it's ready for constant use in any environment. 

· Real-Time H.264 Encoder and Transmitter 
· Ethernet, Wireless and USB Interfaces 
· HDMI and SDI Video Inputs 
· Monitor Locally on up to 6 iPads 
· Built-In Color Grading 
· On-Board SD Card Recording 
· Dual-Band 2.4/5.8 GHz Wireless Operation 
· Two-Pin LEMO-Type Power Input 

Encode an HDMI or SDI stream to H.264 in real-time for transmission with the Teradek Cube 655. With advanced onboard hardware, the Cube 655 can encode Full HD video streams using high-quality H.264 compression at up to 15 Mbps. The reduced bandwidth requirement of H.264 video over uncompressed video enables it to be streamed long distances over the web. The Cube 655 can connect to your network via a variety of interfaces. It features dual-band antennas for Wi-Fi connectivity, an Ethernet port for a wired connection, and a USB port for using a cellular modem.

The Cube 655's wireless capabilities make it great for on-set monitoring. Up to six iPads with the TeraView app can view the video feed simultaneously, preventing you from running out of on-set monitoring options for the director or clients. Everything you need to start streaming with the Cube 655 is in the box. Video cables for connecting to an HDMI or SDI source, a power supply, antennas, an Ethernet cable, and a USB stick with TeraCentral software for easy monitoring on your PC or Mac.

The 33-point LUT support and Pomfort LiveGrade integration allow you to instantly apply a finished look on your video for on or off the set monitoring. LUTs can be applied to the video stream itself or controlled independently within the free TeraView iPad app.

The Cube 655 can be controlled by using either the built-in screen, along with button controls, or the web-based interface for easy access to advanced controls and configurations from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

Cube's built-in SD card slot gives you the option to save high-quality backup recordings for post-event editing. Video saved to the SD card will be recorded at the same bit rate as the streaming video.

Compatibility with Teradek's separately available ShareLink aggregation service allows you to use multiple network interfaces and combine the bandwidth, for more consistent higher quality streaming than a single interface might normally allow.

A configurable test pattern generator allows you to test your stream without connecting a video source and prevents interruptions if video sync is lost.

Communicate with your crew, even if they're half a world away. IFB (Interruptible FoldBack) allows for talkback streams to be transmitted and received via the Cube 655.

Higher Bitrates 
The Cube 600 series encodes video at bitrates up to 15 Mbps for pristine quality in any application. When bandwidth is limited, adaptive bitrate allows Cube to automatically adjust and stream at the highest quality achievable. 

Improved Wireless Performance 
Built-in 802.11ac dual band (2.4/5GHz) Wi-Fi offers higher data throughput and stronger wireless connectivity at longer distances. 

iPad Monitoring for All 
Cube 600 supports monitoring on up to 6 devices iOS devices simultaneously so clients, crew and director can all see the action. 

Built-in Color Grading 
Support for 33 point 3D LUTs and Pomfort LiveGrade integration allows your creative team to monitor graded footage on set or off. Looks can be applied to the stream itself or controlled independently within the TeraView app. 

All New User Interface 
Cube's intuitive new user interface makes it easier than ever to configure your device. Pages load more quickly, configuration changes apply instantly and all encoder statuses are updated dynamically. 

Onboard Recording 
Cube's built-in SD card slot gives you the option to save high quality backup recordings for post-event editing. 

Test Pattern Generator 
A configurable test pattern generator allows you to test your stream without connecting a video source and prevents interruptions if video sync is lost. 

Cube 455 Decoder 
The Cube 455 is a wireless video decoder that outputs high definition video via HDMI for use with video switchers and professional monitors. This new device decodes IP video from Teradek encoders via 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi or Ethernet and includes many of the same great features of the original Cube decoders such as a compact aluminum chassis and low power requirements. 

· Wireless Decoder with HDMI Connectivity 
· Dual Band a/b/g/n MIMO Wi-Fi Ethernet 
· Stream 1080p with H.264 Compression 
· Reviewing Settings with the OLED Display 
· Analog Audio Input and Headphone Jack 
· Proxy Video Recording via Micro SD 
· Micro USB Charging and 3G/4G Option 
· Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 
· Captive LEMO Power Connector 
· Universal 1/4"-20 Mount 

To enhance the Cube family of decoders, Teradek has added a variety of new hardware refinements to increase ease of use and versatility: 

Cube's new OLED enables users to rapidly change and review the settings of their unit in addition to providing real-time feedback for wireless connectivity. No longer are computers or iPads needed for configuration; every feature is a simple click away. 

Li-ION Battery 
Cube's built-in Li-ION battery will give users up to 2 hours of runtime, which allows for seamless battery swapping or quick broadcasts. The battery can also be charged from an AC adapter or even a suitable external battery such as an Anton Bauer. 

The new MIMO Wi-Fi dual band (2.4/5.8 GHz) greatly improves wireless performance. With this new feature you will achieve a greater range and improved video quality in congested environments. 

Micro USB 
Cube's micro USB port will charge the new internal battery.

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