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Manfrotto 269HDB-3U Overlook Stand - Black - 7.3m
Manfrotto 269HDB-3U Overlook Stand - Black - 7.3m
SKU: 269HDB-3U

You Pay: $1,362.00
SRP: $1,781.00
Instant Savings: $419.00 (24%)

This product is based on the 269HDBU lighting stand modified to support your camera up to 7.3m (24 ft.).The special top attachment permits you to attach a camera head, or directly attach your camera. Using a triple leveling leg system and a leveling bubble, you can adjust the position of your camera in order to shoot wherever and however you want.

The Manfrotto 269HDB-3U Overlook Stand  is a heavy duty six section aluminum stand with a camera plate. It rises to a maximum height of 24' (7.3m). It is stable due to its double spider casting and double bracing. It has eyelets at the top so you may attach your own wind bracing wires or rope.

 If you’re searching for a way to add a different perspective to your images, look no further than the new Manfrotto 269HDB-3U. Another high-quality, innovative support product from Manfrotto, the new 269HDB-3U gives shooters the ability to essentially take their photography to new heights.

The 269HDB-3U is crafted from electro-welded aluminum and features five sections with twist locks. To ensure that the column is level at all times, no matter what surface the stand is used on, the 269HDB-3U features and adjustable leveling bubble and triple leveling legs. Unique to the photography/Video market, the triple leveling legs allow the user to adjust the leveling column and move the position of the camera.

At a maximum height of approximately 24 feet, the 269HDB 3U provides photographers and videographers with an eagle’s eye view of their subject. The 269HDB-3U can support a maximum payload of 15.4 pounds (7kg), and features a special camera plate to mount a camera, with or without a head, as well as to stabilize the column to prevent rotation during long exposure times in windy conditions. Photographers and Videographers can simply use the dedicated remote control system for their camera and control settings from the ground.  For added support, the 269HDB-3U also features a double spider casting and double bracing.

The 269HDB-3U is extremely versatile and is ideal for a number of applications, including outdoor and indoor use as well as commercial and law enforcement. It can provide professionals with a unique overhead vantage point of their subject, which brings other subjects into the shot that a traditional position wouldn’t allow, as well as gives photographers and Videographers the ability to stabilize their camera in the event that a traditional tripod is not high enough.

Manfortto 269HDB-3U stand

Thanks to its compact design and quick setup, the 269HDB-3U is also a useful tool for police or security, allowing them to view suspect places, such as over walls or buildings, in a matter of minutes.

Triple Leveling Legs
These individually adjustable legs may be lengthened or shortened either to add stability on uneven terrain or to add a small degree of tilt to your mounted camera.
Camera Platform
Non-tilting, with standard 3/8" threaded top
Adjustable Leveling Bubble
Use this device to check the level of the column.
Captive Collars
There is no way to raise any of the sections "too far".

Key Features

  • Camera plate: to fix a camera, with or without head.
  • Wind Bracing: at a high position, long exposure time and in windy conditions, it is possible to stabilize the column and avoid rotation.
  • Adjustable Leveling Bubble Use this convenient device to check the level of the column.
  • Triple Leveling Legs Unique in the market,they allow you to adjust the leveling column and move the position of the camera.
  • Special impact device based on a spring system to protect your camera. Captive collars