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Film Devices Rack-N-Bag Versa (Medium)
Film Devices Rack-N-Bag Versa (Medium)
SKU: RNB-V-101-M

You Pay: $1,709.00

The professional three-tray compact Rack-N-Bag Versa from Film Devices accommodates items like the Zoom F4/F8 and Sound Devices MixPre series and a selection of wireless equipment with simple access and flexible combinations. The Versa is designed to function as either a desk console with angle adjustment and a built-in kickstand or as a standard carried sound bag, which can be linked to the optional harness, carbon fibre handle, or shoulder strap.

The Film Devices' Rack-N-Bag Versa is a top-tier location sound bag built for professional use. It features three trays and is specifically designed to accommodate devices like the Sound Devices 633, 833, and 888, along with various wireless equipment. This bag offers convenient access and flexible configurations, making it ideal for a wide range of recording setups. Whether you prefer carrying it like a standard sound bag using the shoulder strap, optional harness, or carbon fiber handle, or utilizing it as a desk console with adjustable angles and a built-in kickstand, the Versa effortlessly adapts to any field recording scenario you encounter.

The outer shell is made of durable ballistic nylon, while the rigid frame is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber, making it both rugged and lightweight. Devices can be attached anywhere on the frame for maximum flexibility, and the tier heights are fully adjustable for allowing either a single or double row of wireless devices, as well as an adjustable bottom tier for accommodating a range of mixer and recorder models. Besides the optional harness, many more extra accessories are available for further expanding the kit's functionality. For a safe, secure, and highly configurable solution to your professional mobile audio needs, the Film Devices Rack-N-Bag Versa can be an ideal choice.

Versa Means Versatility

The Rack-N-Bag Versa features an upgraded design over the traditional Rack-N-Bag that gives it a greater level of flexibility. When used with the outer shell, it acts like an ordinary sound bag, which can be attached to a shoulder strap, optional harness, or handheld with the included carbon fiber handle. When used without the outer shell, the whole thing converts to a desk console with a built-in kickstand to prop it up. Every device is in an accessible, secure tray and all connections are easy to reach.
Customizable Configuration
The Versa allows for a wide range of adjustments, including a top tie with angle tilting for front-control wireless transmitters and receivers. The tier heights are field adjustable, and the frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum extruded "C" channel, while the tiers are carbon fiber. The Versa can be used with a single or double row of wireless devices by changing its top tier height. The bottom tier is also height configurable to accommodate most models of mixers and recorders, allowing you to change your configuration to match your equipment. Devices can be attached anywhere on the frame for a truly unique and customizable design.

Full System with Room for Expansion
The Rack-N-Bag Versa comes with everything needed to take your wireless gear into the field including a ballistic nylon outer shell with detachable pouch, a rigid carbon fiber and aluminum frame, a carbon fiber carry handle, a shoulder strap, a built-in kickstand, and a clear front vinyl cover. Further accessory options exist including a convenient chest harness, a swing out phone holder, a wing kit for additional wireless devices, a docking bracket kit for secure fastening to sound carts, and a USB power receptacle.