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Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X Cardioid Condenser USB Mic + AT8700 Boom Arm bundle
Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X Cardioid Condenser USB Mic + AT8700 Boom Arm bundle

You Pay: $329.00
SRP: $428.00
Instant Savings: $99.00 (23%)

Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X Cardioid Condenser USB Mic + AT8700 Boom Arm bundle

    Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone (Black)

    The Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone, based on the AT2020, the company's best-selling studio microphone in history, offers the audio quality artists have come to expect with the plug-and-play simplicity of USB Type-C operation, at an affordable price.

    The microphone is made to be used with your prefered recording or streaming software to digitally record voice, music, or any other acoustic audio source. The AT2020USB-X delivers remarkably clear, natural sound reproduction by combining a directional pickup pattern that keeps the focus on your voice (or other selected sound source) with a high-resolution A/D converter—ideal for podcasters, singer/songwriters, streamers, voice-over artists, and home-studio recorders.


    Critically Acclaimed Sound with 24-Bit / 96 kHz Resolution

    • Modern design and production processes used by Audio-Technica guarantee that the microphone meets the brand's recognised consistency and dependability requirements.
    • An especially helpful feature in untreated studios or podcasting environments is the mic's cardioid polar pattern, which helps to focus audio capture on the speaker or performer in front of the capsule and gather up less unwanted background noise.
    • The AT2020USB-excellent X's sound reproduction is great for streaming, podcasting, and music and video production thanks to its smooth, extended 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response and high-resolution A/D converter (with up to 24-bit / 96 kHz sampling rate).

    Comfortable Headphone Monitoring

    • The built-in headphone port and volume control on the AT2020USB-X allow you to directly listen to the microphone signal without experiencing any delay.
    • The inbuilt, high-output headphone amplifier provides greater musical depth and clarity as well as increased volume overall.
    • You may easily overdub to a musical background by blending the audio from your computer and the microphone using the simple mix control.

    Silent Mute Button for Podcasting and Streaming

    • In case you need a quiet moment, you may swiftly and silently silence the microphone using the silent, touch-sensitive mute button that is conveniently situated on the microphone's body.
    • The two-state LED (blue/red) indication ring turns blue when the microphone is connected to USB power and turns red when the microphone is muted.

    Other Features

    • The microphone has a USB Type-C output, making it compatible with a variety of recent and prospective devices. A USB Type-C and Type-A cable that is included with the microphone expands its adaptability and makes it simpler to use.
    • Custom desk stand: The included desk stand provides a stable and secure base.
    • The mic can be attached to a mic stand with even more flexibility with the AT8455 shockmount (sold separately).
    • To increase compatibility with mic stands, a 5/8"-27 threaded adapter with a 3/8"-16 thread pitch is included.
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